Local and out of state volunteers worked hard cleaning up city parks throughout Chattanooga Saturday.

A group from Mississippi filled a bus full of students and met local volunteers early Saturday morning at Greenway Farms.

Graffiti was removed; trash was picked up, and nasty weeds were pulled up from the ground.

The volunteers say they love our parks and wanted to help keep them in top condition. 

One of the tough challenges was cutting and removing a weed, called privet - a plant that is originally from North Africa.

The park ranger says this plant can cause harm to other native plants from Tennessee if it isn't removed.

"We are trying to clean up the trails and the volunteers are doing a great job cleaning and making it great for users," says volunteer organizer Brian Smith.

If you live near a Chattanooga park that could use some touch ups - the stewards program welcomes suggestions for their next clean up effort.