Riverside Drive/Riverfront Parkway, from East 2nd Street to M L King Boulevard, will be closed from 8:00 am on Sunday, June 2nd through 8:00 am on Thursday, June 20th.
The Veterans Bridge south bound exit ramp to Riverside Drive will be closed until Thursday, June 20.   
Aquarium Way from Chestnut Street to Power Alley and Power Alley between West 3rd Street and Aquarium Way will be closed to through traffic.  Power Alley from Aquarium Way to Riverfront Parkway will be closed until Thursday, June 20.
West bound Riverside Drive will be closed daily during the Riverbend Festival at Lindsay Street beginning at 10:00 am until 12:00 midnight.
Aquarium Way will be closed at Walnut Street and Lookout Street will be closed at East 3rd Street at 4:00 pm each evening during the Riverbend Festival and will be reopened at 12:00 midnight.
High Street between 2nd Street  and 3rd Street will be closed to through traffic from 4:00 pm until 11:30 pm each evening during Riverbend.  High Street will be open for limited parking only.

ML King Boulevard from Georgia Avenue to Magnolia Street will be closed beginning at 1:00 pm and will remain closed until 10:00 pm to allow for setup, presentation and take down of the Bessie Smith Strut.
All streets crossing ML King Boulevard from Georgia Avenue to Magnolia Street and between 8th Street and 10th Street will be closed from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Street and lane closures for the Riverbend Runs will include Gateway Avenue/West 6th Street from Cameron Hill Circle to Chestnut Street, the south bound curb lane of Chestnut Street from West 2nd Street to West 6th Street, the eastbound curb lane of 2nd Street from Chestnut Street to Market Street, the north bound curb lane of Market Street from 2nd Street to Frazier Avenue, the eastbound curb lane of Frazier Avenue from the Market Street Bridge to the Walnut Street Bridge, east bound 2nd Street from Market Street to Riverside Drive, the eastbound curb lane of Riverside Drive from 2nd Street to Houston Street, Houston Street between  Riverside Drive and  East 3rd Street, East 3rd Street from Houston Street to Mabel Street, Mabel Street from East 3rd Street to Battery Place, west bound Riverside Drive from the Boat House Restaurant to East 2nd Street, west bound ML King Boulevard from Gateway Avenue to Riverfront Parkway and northbound Riverfront Parkway from ML King Boulevard to a turnaround point just north of Adams Street.  The Riverbend Fun Run/Walk will begin on Cameron Circle, turn right onto Gateway Avenue, cross south across ML King Boulevard to Boynton Drive, turn right on Boynton Drive and right onto the south sidewalk of ML King Boulevard and back the same way. The streets south of ML King Boulevard will not be closed, but motorists are advised to watch for runners and proceed with caution in these areas.  Streets affected by these events will be closed from 6:00 am to 11:30 am.