EPB Fiber Optics is raising rates for its customers of Fi TV, effect July 1. Customers will see an increase of between $1-$6 on their monthly bills.

The amount of the increase depends upon the bundle, or package, a customer might have.

This increases is the utility's first since the television launch in 2009.

EPB's news release says that television networks, who supply EPB's programming, have increased their prices. The utility also points out that Fi TV has added 75 offerings, now totaling 280 standard-definition and 118 high-definition channels. Together these changes reflect an overall video cost increase to EPB Fiber Optics of more than 34%.

Prices remain unchanged for high-definition service, premium channels, sports package, additional equipment and repair services.  

Customers will continue to get their remote and first set-top box for the Fi TV Gold at no charge.  Fi-Speed Internet and Fi-Phone prices will remain at current levels.

"I wish we could hold the line on Fi TV prices, because the last thing we want is an increase for our customers," EPB president and CEO Harold DePriest said. "Unfortunately, we are asking for an increase in pricing to help offset the rising cost of programming."