CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A police chase that began in East Ridge ended with the vehicles going the wrong way on Interstate 24 Eastbound Thursday morning.

Police were dispatched to Delaware Avenue in East Ridge on report of a theft that occurred when lawn care equipment was removed from a garage and placed in a car. The suspect was described as a black male, wearing a white shirt and red plaid shorts.

The suspect then left the scene, and police spotted a vehicle matching the description at the intersection of Maryland Drive and Marlboro Avenue.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle, which led to a chase that went north on Marlboro Avenue, east on South Terrace, and then west on the I-24 east bound exit ramp to South Terrace.

While traveling west on I-24 east, suspect vehicle was involved in a collision, and was too damaged to continue.

The suspect then fled the scene on foot and was chased down after a struggle, resulting in the suspect elbowing an officer in the face.

The struggle ended when the suspect was Tazered by police, and then finally being taken into custody. He was then transported to hospital via ambulance for examination after the traffic accident and having been Tazed.

The suspect identified himself as Lovell Lightner to police.

Lightner faces multiple, pending charges including: multiple theft charges, felony evading arrest, misdemeanor evading arrest, assault on police, resisting arrest, aggravated burglary, and driving on a suspended license.

Lightner is scheduled to appear in East Ridge Court June 18.