DUNLAP, TN (WRCB) -- William Keener shares emotional hugs with his family after he receives some bad medical news.

"The doctor said I have an infected bladder and I'm bleeding and my wife got a CT scan and she has lung issues."

Keener shows us medical records where his son and wife have been seen for similar problems.

He blames his health issues on Brush Creek in Dunlap off Highway 111, which is where he currently receives water.

Keener believes this equipment is pumping something from the creek to his house, causing his family to fall ill for the last month.

"I figure some type of germ has gotten in there, I don't know. I just know we have been taking baths in muddy water."

Our camera is there as a state water agent checks the creek and the pump for any type of bacteria.

His job is simply collecting the sample and take it back to the lab.

There the state will know if anything is floating in the water and possibly into area homes.

The red flag comes if anything is spotted.

Gary Burris with the Tennessee Department of Environmental and Conservation Division of Water Supply says, "We also test for E-coli which indicates animal or human waste is getting into the water and that would be a much more serious concern."

The city of Dunlap says the stream is not part of the public water system so it would only pose a threat to those who drink from it freely.

Regardless, the state says they want to make sure all the city's water is safe to drink.

Burris says drinking water I don't want to see any results. I want to see negative bacteria."

We should know in the next couple the results from the lab.