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Red Bank Police deploys extra officers for Memorial Day weekend

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Local police are using the holiday weekend to make sure everyone is obeying the laws.

The Red Bank Police Department is using some grant money to get extra officers on the road.
 Officers said the goal isn't to write tickets, but rather to keep you safe.

"This weekend is usually, traditionally the kickoff to summer. Most people have an extended weekend, so they come out and have barbeques and stuff like that. A lot of times there's drinking involved," said Red Bank Police Officer Mark Kaylor.

The Red Bank Police Department will have extra officers on the road through Memorial Day. They invited Channel 3 along for a ride.

Officers were looking for expired tags, seat belts, speeding, and DUI's.

Channel 3 did not witness a DUI arrest, but Officer Patrick Miller said DUI's are more common when the sun goes down.

"There's a Lookouts game going on, there's a lot of foot traffic downtown. At this time, this is where all the activity is going on, but here in about two hours or so, a lot of this traffic is going to be coming our way up through Red Bank," Miller said.

Red Bank police officers like Mark Kaylor will be making sure drivers are obeying the law. He said he caught two drunk drivers Saturday night alone. He also said drunk driving has been more common in Red Bank. His department netted nearly 200 DUI's in their last yearly grant cycle.

"Considering the size of the city we have, and the fact that we actually have no bars within the city of Red Bank, that's a significant amount of intoxicated drivers here on the road way," Kaylor said.

A problem that puts lives at risk. That's why these officers are urging everyone to celebrate responsibly this Memorial Day and every day after that.

"Call a friend, call a cab. A cab is a lot cheaper than having to go to jail than having to bond out," Kaylor said.

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