After the interstate highway bridge in Washington state collapsed on Thursday; city engineers throughout the U.S. are being encouraged to take a closer look at any potential structure or maintenance issues.

The National Transportation Safety Board said this incident should be a major wake up call.

"I think it stirred everyone nationwide to increase there bridge inspections," says Public Works inspector Lee Norris.

Norris said there are a few maintenance issues on the bridge located near Hickory Valley Road. 

"TDOT recommended that we lowered the weight limit from 13 to 7 tons.  Once we do that and the required maintenance, we will move it up to the original class weight." 

According to Public Works the bridge currently under maintain is structurally sound and doesn't pose a danger to anyone crossing it.  they assured us.

TDOT just completed a strict inspection that takes place every two years through the Tennessee Department of Transportation. 

Minus a few issues that are currently being worked on - Chattanooga is on the rise for being a big tourist destination.  Chattanooga's bridges are one of the many wonderful attractions locals and visitors enjoy.

"We love the Walnut Street Bridge.  I actually bought my daughter a plaque for her graduation just because she grew up in Chattanooga," says Robin Dance.

Public Works said the maintenance issues should be corrected within two weeks - before tdot does another full inspection