Top cyclists from across the country are in the Tennessee Valley this weekend -- all for a chance to wear the stars and stripes jersey.

Big names in the cycling world traveled to Chattanooga this weekend to participate in the US National Time Trial Championships - set up near the Volkswagen Manufacturing Plant.  

Hand cycling was up first - followed by the pro women and men's division. Several locals that follow this sport were thrilled to see their favorite pro athletes up close.

"It's like coming to the Superbowl for folks that are into biking."

And for others- Like Saul Rasin  - attending Saturday's event meant the world to him after doctors told him would probably never race again

"For me, it is very centennial because years ago I was a professional cyclist and competed in races like this in the Tour de France but I had a bad accident - had brain surgery to save my life," says Rasin.

Saul did beat all the odds against him.  He fought through the pain and rehab to race pro once again.

Saul wasn't the only that enjoyed attend the big sporting event  Local venders and community members told us, today's turnout was better than expected.  Helping many local business boost their bottom line.

"Even if you look beyond cycling, I think the economic impact of this race is huge," says Jade Lockhart.