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#WRCBinOK: Chattanooga Red Cross distributes aid to tornado victims


One by one cases of food and supplies are loaded on the Red Cross ERV.

Friday, the Chattanooga group set up at a local church where supplies have been flying from the stock yard.

"It's going just about as soon as we get it. We have three more loads coming in today," says Pastor Lyn Ice.

Everyone is helping everyone. Neighbors are helping neighbors. It is such a great community here," says Red Cross volunteer Louie Crowe.

Victims made their way one by one to the disaster relief area for food, clothing, and whatever else they need.

Some say this latest tornado is the worst they have seen.

It has been bad; people are just now getting electricity. I feel bad for people that have lost someone," says Barbara Phillips. 

"To see these people struggle the way they are. That is why I am here," says Michael Puryear.

Volunteers load plates in a virtual assembly line as they hit neighborhoods looking for help, and an area known as "Ground Zero" looks like afield of debris.

Some say despite the massive destruction and long recovery process, the city will stand strong.

"Moore is a strong town, and this is our third one, and we will be back I'm sure," says Phillips.

"Everyone is getting together and they will normalcy as soon as they can," says Crowe.

"It is amazing to see these people be as resilient as they have been and to be as positive as they are," says Puryear. 

The Chattanooga Red Cross was one of the first crews to respond to the devastation in Oklahoma. The Red Cross, along with WRCb reporter and photographer Antwan Harris and Ramsay Fulbright, made the 13 hour drive to Moore the morning after the storms.
Harris and Fulbright have been documenting rescues, clean up efforts, and volunteer work since Tuesday.


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