Dining out this weekend? Well the inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department had a great week inspecting 23 restaurants.

On this long holiday weekend, we have no failing grades to pass along to you; remember a failing grade is anything lower than a 70.

The low score of 80 can be found on Brainerd Road at Herman's Soul Food and Catering. Chief Inspector Jack Falcon says there were no hand towels at the kitchen sink; floors were dirty; hamburger patties were not being stored properly, and the grill hood needs a good cleaning.

But with low comes the high, and hats off to Wasabi Sushi at Hamilton Place with a 98, now that's a great way to start off your weekend.

Don't forget if you have a complaint about a restaurant call the Hamilton County Health Department at 209-8110.

It's great to get your feedback, and all your emails sent to me are sent on to the Hamilton County Health Department for review.

The next few weeks inspectors will be keeping your pools clean and that's keeping the health department team very busy.

As I say each week, enjoy your meal!