SPARTANBURG, SC (WYFF) -- If your pooch is a porker, don't worry.   There is help.

Nick Arkon is a canine personal trainer.

"I love animals and I want to see animals in a healthy state of mind," he explains.

The newest amenity at his Spartanburg, South Carolina pet spa is the Dog Pacer, a treadmill designed to keep your four-legged friend fit.

"A lot the dogs we have here are home most of the time, their owners take them out for a 5 or ten minute walk in the morning, they're cooped up in a kennel or a house all day long," Arkon explains.  "They come back in the evening, take a five or ten minute walk.  That's all the exercise the dog gets. They sit around all day long and become a couch potato in a sense."

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