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Local cab driver pleaded guilty to past assault charges

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As a local cab driver heads to court for allegedly choking two women.

Channel 3 is learning this isn't the first time he has faced assault charges while on duty.

Two other women came forward after seeing our story.

They say they want the abuse to stop before someone else is hurt.     

A woman says Makin Mansur knocked her unconscious, and choked her teenage daughter in front of Millennium cab, where he works.

They are charges Mansur admitted to in a Hamilton County courtroom.

A Millennium cab driver is still on the road, after police charged him with two counts of assault for allegedly choking two women while on duty.

Now Channel 3 is learning of another incident.

"He keeps doing stuff to women, and nobody is doing nothing about it," says Moore.

Anna Moore says she dated Makin Mansur for about a year.

Police records show they lived together, until June 2011.

Anna says she wanted to end the relationship, so she drove to Millennium cab to drop off Mansur's clothes.

That's when she says they fought over money and he knocked her unconscious.

Her teenage daughter jumped in.

"I scratched his face, because I thought he was going to hurt me and my family," Anna's daughter, Lakeisha Lester says. "And that's when he choked me. And, I didn't know what to do when he choked me. He choked me three times."

Court records show Mansur pleaded guilty to a domestic assault charge,
and was sentenced to a year of probation.

Now, nearly two years later, there are similar allegations.

"He just grabbed me and my daughter by the throat and just started choking us," said Vicky Burson last week.

Vicky Burson told Channel 3 in a recent interview Mansur attacked her and her daughter at a MAPCO gas station on May 11, following an argument.

Mansur says the women were swinging their arms and he was acting out of self defense.

"One said we're going to gang you," Mansur told Channel 3. "This was her exact words, ‘we're going to gang you'."

Mansur's boss, Tim Duckett, told Channel 3 last week he had never been in trouble before.

We attempted to reach Mansur and Duckett again after learning about the 2011 incident, but were told they were not available for comment.

Anna Moore and her daughter hope this latest case won't be ignored.

"After that night, I was having nightmares, real bad nightmares," Moore says. "And, I couldn't keep up with my class work because I was just thinking about him. I just want somebody to do something about it before he hurts somebody."

Duckett told Channel 3 last week he runs background checks on all employees, including Mansur, who is still on Millennium payroll.

A Millennium employee tells Channel 3, Mansur has changed and both cases are "misunderstandings."


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