CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - The parents of a Cleveland, Tennessee native, now living in Moore, Oklahoma, say they are grateful their son is alive. Twenty-five-year-old Jay Brown and his wife were in Moore when this week's massive tornado hit.

Brown sent his parents video and pictures of what his Moore, Oklahoma house looked like right after the tornado. All that was left standing was the brick mailbox.

"It's very hard to wrap our mind around. I know the pictures and the video that they sent, it's just like rubble about two or three feet high. It's just like there's nothing there. It's demolished," says Steve Taylor, Jay's dad.

"We didn't know for sure that they had moved. We just knew they were fixing to," says Jayne Taylor, Jay's mom.

Jayne and Steve say as soon as they got the news the massive tornado hit Moore, their hearts sank. At first, they did not know if 25-year-old Jay and his pregnant wife, Kristy, were okay.

"What do you do? Do I get on a plane? Do I hop in the car and start driving? Who do I call? I didn't really know where to begin," says Jayne.

It was a phone call that relieved their fear.

"Hearing his voice, I guess, is what kind of calmed me down and let me think a little more rationally. I knew that he was okay and everything after that was possessions," says Jayne.

Jay and his wife were in the processing of moving to a new home. Pictures show how his truck was tossed and twisted. A map he sent his parents show the home was in the direct path of the twister.

"They've been able to find a few things underneath where the pick up landed, including the contents of the linen closet, which they had decided would be their safe room if they were there in case of a tornado. And of course, it was demolished," says Jayne.

Jayne and Steve say knowing that other families were not as fortunate make them even more thankful their son survived.

"We're very thankful that they're safe," says Steve.

"It just makes us even more thankful that our family is okay and they are safe. The possessions we can replace," says Jayne.

Jayne was born in Oklahoma and knows all too well the power of tornadoes. She is also a teacher and says her heart goes out to the young students that lost their life in the storm. 

She says talking with Jay over the phone, she has heard how the Red Cross is helping in the area, and urges others to donate and help.