HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Two Hamilton County parents are in hot water, accused of hosting an underage drinking party for East Hamilton High students. Sheriff's deputies say at least 20 students were at the Apison home.

Deputies were called to the home early Saturday morning for a noise complaint only to discover dozens of young people in the home drinking, some of them passed out in cars parked near the property. They also say it is not the first time they have paid a visit to the house.

Charles Crumley and his wife Jo Deeann are each facing three charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, after Hamilton County deputies were called to their Apison home over the weekend.

"When the first deputy arrived on the scene, there was a young female leaving the residence. And of course, when she saw him, she ran back inside but left the door open," says Janice Atkinson with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

The report says the deputy looked in and saw 'numerous young people inside, who appeared to be under the age of 21' holding beer cans. He also says he saw Charles Crumley partying with them.

When he ran the address, he noted law enforcement had been called to the house before for another underage drinking party.

"They did find three other kids that were sleeping at their car," says Atkinson.

One of the teenagers said they were there for a graduation party for East Hamilton High students.

Channel 3 stopped by the Crumley residence. A person was inside but would not answer the door. It turned out to be the Crumley's niece, who later told us the Crumley's weren't home.

"Personally, I disagree with it. I don't think parents should be encouraging it at all," says nearby neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

She says the party could have ended with someone hurt.

"Somebody could get killed. And then what would that child feel? What would the parents feel? How guilty would they feel?"

"The adults are leaving themselves in a very serious situation legally, if something like that did happen, it could also come back on them," says Atkinson.

"I hope they learn from it. They should have known better to start with. Yeah, I hope they learn from it," says the neighbor.

Three students were also cited for underage drinking.

The report also states that Mr. Crumley denied partying with the teens and Mrs. Crumley says she was upstairs asleep, and was not aware of a loud party going on.

A close friend of the family contacted Channel 3 denying what police are reporting, saying the Crumley's are "good parents."