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Rhea Co. still cleaning up from weekend floods

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RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Communities continue to clean up from the weekend's flash floods. The water made its way into many homes.

In Rhea County, about 10 families in Morgantown were hit by flood waters. The flash floods made their way into their homes, damaging or ruining most of their possessions.

Groups like the Red Cross and the United Way have been passing out cleaning supplies. Their number one concern right now is stopping any mold or mildew from spreading.

Christine Ralph, with the Rhea County United Way, has spent the past two days handing out supplies and checking on families hit by the fast moving weekend floods.

"The mildew and the mold from the water is the biggest thing we've got to clean up," she says.

"Oh. It was a mess. It's still a mess," says Tonya Cross, who lives in Morgantown.

Cross's home filled with water.

"Mud, feces, everything was in the floor. We lost our couch, we lost our beds for our children," says Cross.

Her family has already managed to clean out the floors. Now they are sorting through what is left, trying to save what they can.

"I've never had anything like this ever happen to me before. And the hardest thing is seeing your stuff wash away," says Cross.

She says the help means so much.

"I thank you and everybody else," says Cross, as she hugs Ralph. "That's why we're here, honey," responds Ralph.

Over at Potter's House of Prayer, the pews sit, drying in the sun.

"I was hysterical. We were all hysterical," says church member David Tanner.

Tanner was inside worshipping with the rest of the congregation when the flood came. They all made it out but water ruined their new carpet and everything inside.

"We're gonna bounce back. God's going to let us bounce back. It's our church, we're gonna bounce back. We're going to fix it," he says.

On top of cleaning supplies, the United Way and Red Cross are also asking for items like rakes and shovels, pet food and hygiene items.

For more information on how you can help, you can contact the local chapters of the United Way or the Red Cross.

Rhea Co. United Way: 423-775-5633

Rhea Co. American Red Cross: 423-775-0222

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