Rosco Bandana will play the Riverbend Music Festival Saturday June 8.

They will appear on the Bud Light Stage at 5:30 p.m.

Rosco Bandana is a seven member indie folk band from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The group consists of seven members:     Jason Sanford - Vocals/Guitar, Jenny Flint  - Vocals/Percussion, Emily Sholes- Vocals/Keyboard, Josh Smith- Bass, Jackson Weldon - Mandolin/Lapsteel/Bass, Barry Pribyl, Jr. - Percussion/Vocals, and Patrick Mooney - Bass/Guitar/Banjo.

The band was discovered during a 2011 battle of the bands put on by Hard Rock Records.

The group's principal songwriter, Sanford, was turned onto indie, rock and folk music at a young age. Raised in a strict Christian household, he wanted to explore musical interests and tastes different from what he grew up with.

He taught himself to play guitar and often played at open mic nights. That's where he got together with Pribyl, who at the time was largely into metal.

Together they formed a "blended ragged bar-rock" sound.

They looked to expand their duo, so Sanford set up an open mic night at a wine bar.

The group decided to enroll in the battle of the bands put on by Hard Rock which they won. From there, they flew to Los Angeles to work on their debut.

Rosco Bandana released their album "Time to Begin" September 25, 2012 and thier single "Woe is Me" has been features multiple times in the CMT Pure 12-Pack.

In October, the band will be touring with the well known group, Fun.

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