A pile of cinder blocks is all that's left of Rhea Central Church of God's youth buildings. It washed away Sunday during a flash flood.

All church members could do was watch and cry as a portion of their beloved church was carried down stream.

"We're seeing our TV's and things that we have in there, our teaching tools, just go down the stream and there's nothing we can do about it," church member Brian Panky says.

Panky taught in that building. He says a group of women were inside just before the water took it away.

"The water just rose within minutes," explains Panky. "When I seen it crossing I went ahead and told them we got to move now, we got to go."

Thankfully no one was injured but a tree fell and damaged a couple of cars in the church parking lot.

"We need help," says Pastor Jeanie Brown.

Brown says the building that washed away was actually two adjoined buildings. One was not insured and the children were only able to use it for one day before flood waters destroyed it.

"I was mad at the waters but I wasn't mad at God," Brown says.

"We can rebuild, that's what we're here doing now," says Panky. "It is a blessing from God that no one got hurt."

The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross are helping out in Rhea County. On Monday the organizations continued to assess the damage done by the flash floods.