Five families were evacuated after flooding on Highway 127 in Pikeville.

There were evident signs of flooding up and down 127 Sunday, but the worst of it happened around 9:30 that morning in the Cold Springs area where a trailer park went under water.

"It's gone. Just in one day," said flood victim Caroline Lakin.

She said it all happened so fast.

"Before we know it, water was coming in my bedroom, and the kids started screaming cause the neighbors around us. Cars were floating away, mine was floating away," she said.

Arlette Bowman moved into her home just a few weeks ago. The flood waters uplifted her trailer.

"You could hear the wood that was holding up our trailer come out. Our air conditioning unit was floating away, our building. We floated probably about fifteen feet," Bowman said.

The water was so high, they couldn't escape on their own.

"The first thing that went through my head is try to get the people out of the mobile home. We went door to door, the sheriff's department got here too, and we all went door to door trying to get everybody out," said trailer park owner Bob Swafford.

Lakin has two young children. The flood swept away her ten year old daughter.

"In my head I thought I lost Hannah, cause I saw her go under water right in front of my eyes. And Logan, he was devastated. I had him on my shoulders, and he was freaking out cause he thought his sister was dead," Lakin said.

Someone saved the young girl. Everyone made it out ok thanks to the help of neighbors and emergency crews in Bledsoe County.

Bowman is grateful her family is safe, but she wonders what she will do now that her new home is gone.

"I'm terrified. I'm not sure what's going to happen next, if they're going to be able to fix it or where we're going to go if they can't fix it. I really liked it there," she said.

The Red Cross is helping these families find a temporary place to stay. The clean up process has already begun, but it could last weeks. Swafford is hoping to get help from FEMA. He said he has to wait to hear back from his insurance company to know what sort of help they can offer.

There hasn't been an official fund or donation site set up yet. Pikeville officials said they're working on setting something up, and Channel 3 will be sure to let you know how you can help these families out as soon as we get word of it.