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Community, leaders fed up with dilapidated barge

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Community members and leaders are speaking up about the brokendown barge located across from Ross Landing. 

It was supposed to be torndown and rebuilt into a New Orleans style restaurant. 

It was purchased bydeveloper Allen Casey and shipped  from Pittsburgh in 2009. Now thatseveral years have passed, many are wanting the owner to follow through with hisoriginal plans or remove it.

Cleaning crews were spotted earlier in the weekpicking up pieces of wood and fallen debris.

Chip Baker from Friends of the Festival said " This has been going on for years, and there is no resolution for it.  Iheard it's about funding.  Yesterday it was about parking that could bebought from Jit." 

Kim White, the river city company CEO is also fed up.

"I think the thought that this could be remodeled into a restaurantis ludicrous. The community's patience is running out, and I hope Mr. Casey isgetting that message."

The U.S. Army Corps of engineers sent a letter to Casey.  They are communicating back and forth to come up with a plan moving forward.

Channel 3 attempted to reach out to Casey but our calls were repeatedly disconnected.

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