Do you have dinner out plans for the weekend? We have the Hamilton County Health Department's most recent restaurant inspection report card. Thirty-three restaurants were visited this week and the good news to report: no failing grades.
Remember a failing grade in anything below a 70. But we do have one restaurant that almost didn't make it with inspectors and that's Hunan Wok on East 23rd street.

They score a 72 - and  here's why:
According to Chief Inspector Jack Falcon, rodent droppings were found in the kitchen, floors and walls were in need of a good cleaning, spoiled produce and meat at the wrong temperature. Also, the cutting boards need replacing. Once, again the score is a 72.
But on the other end of the food chain there's always a high score of the week, and we say a big congratulations to the employees at BBQ Andy's in Soddy Daisy

How about a 99? Now that's cooking!
If you have a complaint about a restaurant, hotel or motel, daycare center or swimming pool, you are welcome to call the Hamilton County Health Department Complaint Line at (423) 209-8110.
It's great to get your feedback and all your emails sent to me are sent on to the Hamilton County Health Department for review.
Have a great weekend everyone!