A federal investigation into Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley found no"prosecutable offense" related to the beating of suspect Adam Tatum. 

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This new development has caused many to comment and voice their opinions.

"We need to eliminate excessive force and we need to treat citizens with respect.  The "good ol' boy' days should be over with," says one citizen.

Bryan Hoss, who represents the officers accused of using excessive force, stands behind his clients after reviewing all the evidence.

"Many people still don't know all the facts"  he said. "They repeatedly told Tatum 70 to 80 times show your hands;roll over on your stomach.  He was so high on drugs that he didn't follow those instructions."

Tatum's attorney disagrees and feels excessive force was used towards his client who was punched, choked and zapped with a stungun. 

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Tatum's attorney is asking for a default judgement and issuing the city for $50 million.   

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Tatum is expected to be released form Silverdale Halfway House May 31 following a five year probation period.