A North Georgia town is the backdrop for a major movie. Part of Rome, Georgia will be shut down for the next few days while Hollywood crews shoot the Dreamworks flick "Need For Speed."

The Georgia Highlands College campus is serving as home base for the movie crew and it's where they're keeping all their props and housing extras.

"In Rome, Georgia? Little bitty Rome, Georgia. Wow, you know we're getting big," Rome resident Emory Chatman said.

"We woke up this morning pretty determined to figure out what's going on around here, so we've drove to all the spots they're supposed to be filming at," Rome resident Jacob Perry said.

The movie "Need For Speed" is shooting chase scenes in these supped up cars, using low-flying helicopters to shoot onto Rome's roadways. Several roads are closed to local drivers during shooting.

"You have some air traffic going on with some camera angles so there was a lot of buzz," Greater Rome Convention & Visitor's Bureau Executive Director Lisa Smith said.

You'll also be able to spot historic Myrtle Hill Cemetery in a funeral scene.

"We work tirelessly to scout a lot of movies, so it's nice to finally get a chance to land one," Smith said.

Floyd County is considered a "camera ready" county. Since Georgia legislation passed offering tax incentives to movie makers, the GRCVB has stayed active in the pursuit of attracting one. It's been 12 years since "Sweet Home Alabama" was shot there. Several indy movies have come over the years too.  

"I think there's a real sense of pride in any community when are actually given a piece of a movie to be filmed here," Smith said.

"I really like the films. They're really well done, a lot of action so I'm excited for this one and for Rome to be the place they're filming, it's definitely something else," Perry said.

Some locals are being used in scenes as extras, but others are doing their best investigative work to get a sneak peek.

"I was just curious about what are they having here," Chatman said.

"Some of my friends are here to get glimpses of the cars but I personally just want to see some of the cast, some of the famous people," Perry said.

GRCVB officials say a fourth of the crew is staying in Rome ringing up to more than $30,000 into the local economy in three days.

"We were sold out so we couldn't hold all of them," Smith said.

The crew will be shooting in Rome through Sunday. The movie comes out next spring.