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Channel 3 viewers help family of 14 that lost home to fire

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A family of 14 is picking up the pieces, trying their best to move on after losing their home in a fire.

Thanks to big hearts in the Channel 3 viewing community, they are getting some much needed help.

The fire broke out Wednesday morning at their home off Baker Drive in Walker County. Those inside only had seconds to escape.

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Right now the Snyder family is staying in a local hotel, thanks to the Red Cross. They say since Channel 3's story aired Wednesday, they have been overwhelmed by calls from friends and strangers wanting to help.

Just one look at the Snyder's mobile home and you can see that fire destroyed almost everything inside.

"I'm just thankful we just got the babies out and I'm thankful God gave me another chance," says Candace Oakes.

Oakes was home with her mom and dad and five other people when the fire broke out.

Left with just the clothes on their backs, the surrounding community is stepping in to fill the need.

"There's been a lot of people that's been helping, that's been there for us," she says.

Channel 3 viewer Shannon Morrison at Ledford Pharmacy in Lafayette is one of those people.

"They help everyone in the community. They're real good people," says Helen Snyder.

We were there as Morrison donated not only toiletry items but a big bag of clothes to Helen Snyder, for her son's family.

"Without neighbors, where would you be?" asks Morrison.

Morrison says she has known the Snyder family for almost 20 years and wants them to know she cares.

"Just knowing that you've lost everything that you've had. That's detrimental. It breaks your heart, especially with someone that we know and care about. You just want to do all that you can to help," she says.

For Candace and the rest of her family the response has been overwhelming.

"My Meme, she's got 30 calls, yes sir."

At least 30 calls from other viewers willing to help them rebuild their lives.

"I'm surprised that people are willing to help and they don't even know us, they don't know nothing about us and they're willing to help," says Oakes.

She says thanks to those like Morrison, she has hope.

"It shows me that there's still some people that care, there's still a little bit of heart," says Oakes.

"Everything will be ok. In my opinion, God's in control and whatever happens, we may not like it, but it happens for a reason. Something may come out of it that you never expected," says Morrison.

"We've just got to put our faith in God and pray for the best," says Oakes.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Ledford Pharmacy in Lafayette tells us people are more than welcome to leave donated clothes and other items at their store and they will make sure the Snyder family gets them.

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