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EYE ON HEALTH: Armed With Confidence

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(WRCB) -- This summer it's all about the arms.

Jessica Crutchfield says "Especially to have defined shoulders, ready for tank tops, ready for bathing suit season, absolutely."

YMCA Trainer, Kathy Dew, says the arms are definitely the main area most women want to focus on when they hit the gym..

"Normally it's about flat tummy or your legs a lot of women come in now and the first thing they say is how do I get rid of this," says Dew.

"This" being excess flab and skin. Natalie Robinson lost more than 170 pounds over the last 3 years and while she got rid of the weight, she struggled to remove the excess skin from her arms.

So Natalie decided to have plastic surgery to tone her upper arms.

She's not alone, the latest statistics from the American Cancer Society of Plastic Surgeons show that since the year 2000 upper arm lifts in women are up more than 4,000 percent. In 2000, a little over 300 women had them, last year more than 15,000 did.

Some women are able to grab the weights to get those toned arms.

Susan McGauley says "Probably spend about half an hour three days a week for sure, sometimes I'll do a little more on my own for another day or so."

Trainers and doctors agree, that when a woman loses a lot of weight like Natalie, it becomes more of a lose skin issue, rather than a muscle issue.

"There was a reminder of that heavier person and you just, you couldn't get rid of it, and it was just something else to worry about," says Robinson.

"After surgery that's when you still have maintenance and recovery work to do," says Dew.

Dew says it's important to target all areas of your arm when you're working out and even if they aren't picture perfect just yet, don't give up.

"Achieving good toned arms is attainable for every woman, sometimes the road is a little more difficult for some than others."


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