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Family of 14 homeless after Walker Co. fire

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(WRCB) -- A Walker County family narrowly escapes with their lives after their home goes up in flames.

The fire broke out at their home Wednesday morning on Baker Lane.

Tammy Snyder says she was getting ready for the day when all of the sudden she was surrounded by flames. She says she and her family only had seconds to escape. Now all that is left of her home is an empty shell.

"I need a home for my family. My family ain't got a home. Clothes and stuff will come but a home's hard to find. And my babies ain't got a home," says Tammy Snyder, holding back tears.

Tammy Snyder's family is trying to save what they can.

"We didn't have no insurance," says Snyder.

"We had nothing," says her husband, James.

Tammy and her husband James lived in the home with 12 other family members, nine of them children, ages one to nine. Eight of them were home Wednesday morning when the fire broke out.

"We had a very short amount of time, in less than two minutes, we would have burned up, all of us," says Tammy's daughter, Candace Oakes.

Candace says the family has been through tough times, saying her mom just found out this week she might have cancer. But for Tammy, the hardest news for her is the loss of her miniature Chihuahua, 'Little Lady.'

"Lady didn't make it out. I had her for 14 years. She didn't make it out," says Tammy.

The family thinks the cause of the fire could be electrical. Fire fighters are still investigating.

"Anybody out there that knows the Lord please pray for us. The Lord can help us when nobody else can. And I thank God my family's OK," says Tammy.

The American Red Cross is putting the family up in a local hotel for the next three days, but after that, they do not have a place to stay.

To help out Tammy and her family, you can call Helen Snyder at 423-315-1869.

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