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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Property owner told she can't build on land she owns

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Karen Reinert visits her riverfront property in Marion County to relax, to enjoy the peacefulness of mother nature, and to take in the beauty of the Tennessee River.

She and her husband bought the land four years ago. They never intended to build a permanent home but decided to build a shed once they realized their property saw unwanted visitors.

"We had a canoe chained up to the tree and somebody cut the chain and took our canoe," says Reinert.

They began plans to install a mobile shed, one that could house their equipment and a bathroom. She says they applied for a building permit about a month ago as crews began to install the sewer and electric.

Weeks passed and they never heard from the county building inspector.

"There's no way that we can get our well, our septic, our electric all approved without the toilet working," Reinert explains.

She eventually visited inspector Roy Brackett's office in Jasper.

"They told me at Roy's office we have no right to build a shed on our property unless we live in Marion County," says Reinert.

They live in Hamilton County.

"I thought about it; I thought, this isn't a law, this can't be a law," says Reinert.

Brackett has not returned Channel 3's calls; we did speak with County Mayor John Graham. He says he spoke to Brackett who claims the Reinerts never turned in an application.

The Reinerts say that's not true but agreed to mail another one just in case. Mayor Graham also says he knows the Reinerts are upset but said that's between them and his building inspector.

"I don't understand why a little old storage shed is such a big deal," Reinert says.

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