The Senate passeD the WaterResource Development Act Wednesday which includes legislation that prohibitsfishing restrictions below dams on the Cumberland River.

The legislation, the "Freedom to Fish Act" the  would delegateenforcement to state wildlife agencies.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineerssays the bans are for the protection of fishermen but fishermen and senatorsdisagree.

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"The U.S. Senate has once againsent a clear message to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this time throughlegislation that would stop Big Brother in Washington from holding the hands offishermen in Tennessee and Kentucky," Alexander said. "We're moving forwardbecause the Corps continues to relentlessly pursue its unreasonablerestrictions, wasting taxpayer dollars and ignoring elected representatives whoare fighting to preserve the freedom to fish below publicly owned dams on theCumberland River."

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Alexander has said he plans torestrict the Corps' ability to transfer new funds to projects if they do notabandon their restrictions in accessing tailwater areas below 10 dams on theCumberland River in Tennessee and Kentucky.

"Hopefully the Corps will recognize that we have alife jacket problem, not a water problem, and agree to find a reasonablesolution to keeping fishermen safe on the Cumberland River," says Alexander.