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FIRST ON 3: Child hurt during youth baseball scuffle among adults

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SODDY DAISY, TN. (WRCB) -- During the last week in April, six people were arrested in Soddy Daisy for disorderly conduct after a disagreement about the rules of a little league baseball game.

Billy Petty, president of the Soddy Daisy Kids Club says, "Perception is reality. It didn't matter who was at fault. These people are adults and it is their responsibility to control their emotions."

Police say there was plenty of arguing, but no punches were thrown.

"Both people involved in the situation, this is not what they wanted. Other people got involved and it got out of hand," says Petty.

We do know a young girl suffered a broken ankle after being trampled by someone running to the argument.

Petty says this is not the example they try to set for young kids.

"It is our goal to provide a safe place for kids in these sports and that is what we do and it may be common in other parts of the country but here it doesn't happen and it is unacceptable and we won't accept it."

As competitive as games can be on the field, Petty says it can be worse in the stands.

He says this is the first incident like this to happen since he's been president.

He just hopes the groups can learn from their mistakes.

"The kids get to see what happens when adults don't act how they should, and they see us punish them."

Those involved were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

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