When I was a kid I never understood why there wasn't a kid's day. This is the way that conversation usually went.

Me: "Moms get a day. Dads get a day. Why isn't there a kid's day?"

Mom: "Every day is kid's day."

Every year on Mother's Day my dad would buy mom a corsage. If my Gramma or Nana were with us they'd get one too. I remember looking at them in their plastic boxes and their beautifully tied ribbons as they sat in the refrigerator waiting for the big day. I wanted one so badly. You might have to fact check me, but I'm pretty sure there were a few years my dad bought me one too so I wouldn't feel left out.

It's hard to imagine next year I'll be fully qualified to wear one of those flowers. I'll be proud to.

This year my sister-n-law joined the ranks.

My nephew, Jacob, was born on May 6th. I know most families claim their babies are the best looking, but I have to say this little guy is one handsome little man. He has stolen our hearts.

Jacob didn't know it, but he was surrounded by an incredible group of women on his first Mother's Day. One of them I am blessed to call mom. She keeps us laughing, never stops praying, makes the world's best pound cake, and will make one heck of a Gramma. I love you mom!

I hope your Mother's Day was full of love. Thanks to all the moms out there who make everyday kids day.

On the journey (to motherhood),