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Cab driver accused of choking 2 women at local gas station

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A Chattanooga cab driver is facing charges, after two women say he choked them.

But the driver says he has been wrongly accused.

"He had no business putting his hands on me and my daughter," Vickie Burson says. "And to know that he is still out there driving is just a hurting feeling."

Vickie Burson says a Millennium cab driver assaulted her and her daughter Saturday night at the MAPCO gas station off 3rd Street.

Cab driver Makin Mansur had just picked up a customer, when he says the argument started.

"Basically, I was trying to back up, and the ladies wouldn't let me back up," Mansur says. "They started yelling. I went back and forth with them. They got out of their vehicle. I got out of my vehicle."

The police report does not make it clear who got out first, but both sides agree to exchanging harsh words.

"We both were cussing each other out, and he just grabbed us, me and my daughter, by the throat and just started choking us," Burson says.

Mansur says he felt threatened and simply pushed the women away out of self-defense.

"They were being belligerent," he says. "They were moving their arms all wildly, and one said 'we're going to gang you'. This was her exact words: 'we're going to gang you'."

Burson and Mansur tell Channel 3 an officer was at the MAPCO when the incident happened, but only told them to leave.

Millennium owner Timothy Duckett says for that reason, Mansur still drives for his company.

"If he'd felt in any way that the driver would have been in any way trying to be aggressive against the women, I'm sure he would have arrested him right on the scene," says Duckett.

"It's bad when, you know, the police sitting right here, and you know, I just wish he would have heard me out, you know, he didn't try to listen to me or nothing," Burson says. "I don't know if he thought it was my boyfriend or you know, because he didn't see what happened. He heard it though."

The charges were filed against Mansur by another Chattanooga police officer.

Burson called 9-1-1 moments after she left the scene.

A witness stayed and verified her story.

Mansur was then arrested and taken to jail.

Millennium owner Timothy Duckett tells us he has never had a problem with Makin Mansur in the past.

Mansur says he's working to fight the charges.

Employees at the MAPCO say surveillance video likely caught the whole thing on camera.

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