TRION, GA. (WRCB)  --  People in Trion were notified Friday to boil water, after a Georgia lab saw there was a problem with a water sample from the Mount Vernon Mill.

"One of them was perfect and the other one was positive for fecal colic form," Corporate Director of Environmental Affairs Ron Beegle says.

However, the advisory never reached Kristy Weaver.

"Oh no, did I drink it? Did my kids drink it," Weaver asks.

However, Monday officials say Weaver and the entire town have nothing to worry about.

Beegle says E. Coli was found during a monthly test last week. They immediately sent samples to Summerville to get re-tested.

"During that time that we're re-analyzing, it's the safe thing to do is issue a boil water advisory," Beegle explains.

Those tests came back negative; but now, officials are left wondering how E. Coli appeared on that initial water sample.

"I can speculate that we think that something happened down the line," says Beegle.

"I don't think the water was contaminated. I think the samples probably got contaminated after they were pulled," Trion Mayor Johnny Ingle says.

Channel 3 contacted the EPD lab that conducted the initial test. The lab's directors says there are no false positives and the tests are sensitive down to one organism. However, there is a chance the sample was contaminated, possibly by the collector.

"I didn't stop drinking it or bathing in it this past weekend," Ingle says.

The boil water advisory has since been lifted and officials say the water is safe to drink.