Andrew Rafferty, TODAY

(NBC) -- After an expansive and distinguished career that made her one of the best known journalists in the world, Barbara Walters will be calling it quits, reported late Sunday.

The newscaster will announce Monday on her show "The View" that – after 37 years with ABC News – she will be retiring in the summer of 2014, the website reports. She will continue to host the talk show and report for ABC News until her retirement.

Walters career began in 1961 at NBC's TODAY where she eventually became a co-host. In 1976 she made history by becoming the first female to anchor an evening news program when she joined ABC "Evening News." She became a co-host of "20/20" three years later.

In recent years she has become best known for her role as a host of "The View," a round-table talk show she created in 1997. She will retain her title of executive producer of the show even after she ceases to appear on it.

Walters told The New York Times, "When I go there is not going to be any, ‘Please can I have another appearance?' I don't want to do any more interviews. I don't want to do any other programs. I'm not joining CNN. This is it."