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Former Lady Moc and Assistant Katie Burrows reacts to Foster hire

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- From one legend to the next, UTC didn't skip a beat. As assistant Coach Katie Burrows put it they went above and beyond by hiring former Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster. Such a good hire that Burrows herself didn't believe it when Athletic Director David Blackburn shared the news.

Burrows said, "they told me who it was, I said shut your mouth. He said I'm serious, and I said no you're not. He said yes I am and do you know him? I said have I been living under a rock? I was really thrilled."

The thrills kept coming for the former Lady Moc turned coach.

At his first press conference Foster said, "I met Katie and made my first executive decision. Katie is gonna stay," cheers broke out and Foster continued, "so you know I'm not dumb."

.You can argue Burrows is second to only departed Coach Wes Moore as the most beloved Lady Moc. Her clutch shooting in the Roundhouse led the Lady Mocs to their first and only NCAA win against Rutgers in 2004.

Foster a Hall of Fame coach knows a lot about marquee wins, at Ohio State he won 77 percent of his games with six Big Ten Conference Championships.

"He's phenomenal, I've watched him coach and now I get to learn from him and there's nothing better at this point. I'm excited to learn from him, I've studied under my dad and coach Moore and that's it. I'm excited to learn new things and especially from a hall of fame coach," said Burrows.

Burrows has been in contact with the entire team and she said obviously they share her excitement to get things started.

If you know coach Wes Moore, he's also been in contact with Burrows, "he can't stay away, he called me yesterday, he was in better spirits because he had some peace about it too. He's very supportive of me and of the girls and this whole time he was sick to death not knowing and he feels a lot better too," said Burrows.

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