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Family from Switzerland gives birth in Chattanooga home

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- A Swiss family living in Chattanooga for the father's job has a new baby, but this baby did not come the way anyone planned. Just three weeks old, the story of his birth will likely be passed down for generations.

The Bachmanns always knew after the first contraction you have time to grab your things and calmly get to the hospital.

Heinz Bachmann says, "I was writing down her first contraction and she said hey I just had another one. I said no, I'm still writing down the first one that can't be the second one."

It was indeed Priska's second contraction and within ten minutes came the third.

"It went so fast," says Heinz who is a mechanical engineer.

He plans things out for a living. However, there was no planning what was about to happen. Within 30 minutes of her first contraction he would help her give birth on their bathroom floor.

Heinz says, "She was asking me how it was progressing and I said, I see a head."

At that point there was no turning back, he was on speaker phone with their midwife who called 911. The midwife talked them through every step.

Priska says with a smile, "No needles, no doctors, no people I didn't know. It was wonderful for me."

Heinz still can't understand how calm his wife was, he tried to play it cool on the outside for her, but inside he was screaming.

"About touching the baby, I was not sure. Babies are slippery, I didn't want my baby falling to the floor or something like that. I had no choice I had to do it."

He did it and minutes later the ambulance arrived. Priska and their healthy newborn Ryan were on their way to the hospital.

Too flustered to find the words of joy in English, Heinz resorted back to his native language, Swis-German. In a home video he yelled what translates to "we did it, the baby has arrived."

The family will move back to Switzerland this summer but their four years in Chattanooga will not be forgotten.

"We weren't thinking when we moved to Chattanooga that the city would be so close to us. Now we have two children born here and it will influence our whole life in a positive way," says Heinz.

The family still doesn't know who helped them when police, fire and the ambulance arrived.

They'd love to personally thank them before they move back to Switzerland.

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