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Don't tweet, call Mom

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(WRCB) -- Call your mom. You know you should. Put down that phone and… wait, what?

Twitter, the social media site that lets people share all sorts of things, 140 characters at a time, has launched a new ad campaign on its blog urging users to stop tweeting and call their mothers on Mothers Day, which is Sunday.

Many things are shared via twitter. It's not uncommon to learn of breaking news (@WRCB is a good place to start) or find out about a friend's promotion or the latest info on those in Hollywood, who have embraced the micro-blogging site.

A lot of tweets are created and read on smartphones. Oddly enough, those same devices can make phone calls to friends, co-workers and - wait for it - family members.

Now, if your mom is on twitter, than maybe the proper hashtag could help you out. #LoveYou or #HappyMothersDay might not be the best way to express your appreciation for the woman who brought you into the world, but it's a good place to start.

If Mom's not a twitter junkie, then those hashtag look more like bad auto-corrects than expression of love and adoration.

But call her. OK? #Thnx

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