FORT OGLETHORPE, GA. (WRCB) -- Intense moments in Fort Oglethorpe, after a bomb made out of a soda bottle exploded in a yard. A second bomb was found Thursday morning and had to be de-fused on Van Cleve Street.

Many officers were involved in finding the devices.

The GBI is now investigating.

"I've been in Vietnam and I've seen a lot of guys get hurt pretty bad," said neighbor Joe Floyd.

Floyd has seen the damage homemade bombs can do first hand in Vietnam.

He heard the explosion late Wednesday night, but thought it was just a car backfiring. On Thursday morning, he found pieces of a homemade bomb.

Fort Oglethorpe interim Police Chief Jeff Holcomb said, "It was two two-liter bottles mixed with chemicals and tin foil. Under pressure they explode."

One exploded in Floyd's front yard, the second didn't and was still sitting in the yard next door Thursday morning.

Police along with the GBI defused the situation.

Chief Holcomb saw one of these blow a mailbox out of the ground a few years back.

Holcomb said, "If a child goes out there and touches one, he's going to lose a limb, his hand, a leg or his life. It's not something we take very lightly."

The GBI is now handling the investigation along with the bomb squad.

Chief Holcomb said he's not sure if this was someone pulling a prank or someone out to harm others. Either way it's a felony and they will prosecute to the fullest.

Holcomb said, "You never know if this is a wannabe who really wants to harm people. You just don't know what their intent is. It's our job to investigate and prosecute the fullest. That's all we can do. It needs to stop, it has to stop."

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