SUMMERVILLE, GA (WRCB) -- There's a pile of cash waiting on the owner to come forward in Chattooga County.

Someone found it at the McDonald's just outside Summerville city limits and turned it over to Sheriff Mark Schrader.

He says it's a "fair amount of money" but it doesn't look like dirty money.

"From the area where she said she found it, it appeared it may have dropped out of someone's wallet as they were paying for their food," explains Schrader. "It was on the customers' side of the counter."

Schrader has tried to spread the word about the cash, but so far no one has stepped forward. He hopes it rings a bell with Channel 3 viewers.

The woman who found it wants to be anonymous and the sheriff happens to know her.

"I was not surprised with the lady that turned it in. It didn't surprise me at all," admits Schrader.

Lifetime Summerville resident Lois Reed doesn't have as much faith in her community.

"It has to have been a good, honest person because there ain't too many honest people in this town. A lot of them will rob you and won't give it back to you," believes Reed.

She hopes the money finds its way back to its owner and has a message for the woman who turned it in.

"Thank you very much. You're a real sweet person, whoever you are, and you're an honest person. I hoped we had more like you," adds Reed.

Schrader doesn't want to disclose the amount of money found to make sure it gets back to the right person.

"What we're hoping is that someone will be able to identify it by what the denominations were and actually how much cash," says Schrader.

If you believe the money is yours, call or stop by the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office.

Schrader wants to remind everyone that this isn't a treasure hunt. You have to know something specific about the money.