(NBC) -  With the push of a button the natural gas starts flowing at the only natural gas pumps in the Brazos Valley.

Bob Baldwin, CNG 4 America, President and CEO, "We've got so much of it, we've just got it coming out of our ears so we might as well utilize it."

One big reason why CNG for America chose to install these pumps.

They are located right in the middle of the triangle and it allows people to cross the triangle and get natural gas as they come across the middle. 

Bob Baldwin says his company has been working to open the station for about four years and after construction started in the fall, CNG's dream is now a reality.

A lot of company fleets are switching to natural gas to save money.  Either buying new vehicles or converting their current ones to take the fuel.

A big business for companies like Nat-G.

Keo Lukefahr, Nat G CNG Conversions, "We convert both in-service and new vehicles to run on natural gas. We do light duty vehicles, medium duty vehicles, and heavy duty vehicles. There's about 150 models that we can convert."

The cost about $9000 depending on the make and model.

But for fleets that drive hundreds of thousands of miles every year the conversion pays for itself in fuel savings.

So with all companies stand to save CNG hopes they'll take advantage of this new natural gas station.

Saving at the pump and burning a cleaner fuel.