(NBC) - A judge has ruled cheerleaders at a Texas high school can display banners with Bible verses at football games.

The use of the banners by cheerleaders was banned by the Superintendent of the school district last year after a complaint was lodged.

Later, a judge granted a temporary injunction allowing the banners.

A ruling decided the issue Wednesday,  the banners are constitutionally permissible.

David Starnes, an attorney for the cheerleaders,  "Today is a great day for religious liberty throughout Texas and this country. We are so proud of these girls who stood up for their religious freedom that their forefathers gave them many many years ago."

Rebekah Richardson, junior, "I'm very relieved but I'm also very happy. I'm excited for the cheerleaders next year so that we can continue to do banners"

The decision can still be appealed by the school district.

In the 2009-2010 school year the LFO cheerleaders faced this same battle, but the outcome was different.