CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A grieving mother says she wants to set the record straight.

Her son was the victim in Chattanooga's latest homicide, but she wants people to know he was not a trouble maker.

Diana Washington says her son had no ties to gangs or drugs.

"My son told me he'd never leave me," Diana says. "And now, I have to bury my son."

Diana Washington was inside her Lupton City home, when her son was shot and killed on the front porch.

"In one tragic moment he was taken from me," she says.

Eyewitnesses say the gunman parked his vehicle at the top of a hill and hid in the bushes until 20-year-old Wendell Washington returned home from work.

Washington was shot several times.

But before he collapsed he returned fire, wounding his killer.

Homicide detectives say they have the suspect in custody. He's being treated at a hospital and is under 24-hour watch. CPD has not released his name.

"We want the answers," Washington's aunt, Denise Ballard says. "We want the truth."

Washington's family believes he was targeted, but they say they don't know why.

Diana Washington says her son was working to earn his GED and roofed houses to help her pay the bills.

They admit he did face a few traffic violations, and an assault charge that was later dismissed, but Washington's family says he was no trouble-maker.

"He was a good kid," Diana says. "He wasn't out to bother nobody, and he wasn't in no gangs."

They say he was taken too soon, in a senseless crime that they don't want to see any other family live through.

"I just want these people, these young people to grow up, put these guns down," Ballard says. "It's time y'all. Chattanooga is too small. We are losing our young folks."

Investigators say at this time it does not appear the shooting was gang-related.

But to maintain security at the hospital, police will confirm the name of the suspect or his location until he is stable enough to move to the Hamilton County Jail.

He faces criminal homicide and weapon charges.