(NBC) - It was a phone call like no other and the voice at the other end was what Fern Gentry had been waiting nearly 10 years to hear.

Fern Gentry, Amanda Berry's grandmother, "just cried and was happy and I told her I loved her and I missed her and I prayed for her. Oh my God. I mean, it was just so great."

Gentry is the grandmother of Amanda Berry, who went missing nearly 10 years ago,after being abducted in Cleveland, Ohio where she lived.

Fern Gentry, "We get a call that night. She's missing. She was on her way home."

Gentry says all she had was her faith to rely on as she and her family hoped for closure.

"We had gotten so many hopes. We got so many times that they said they had found her and they hadn't found her. And every time you got your hopes up and then it fell again."

It's been a stressful time for the family filled with worry and dread.

Fern Gentry, "You know that probably she's dead. You know she's been killed."