CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- A Catoosa County mother is upset, after her daughter broke her arm on the playground at school, and she didn't find out until she got home.

Woodstation Elementary School officials say they followed protocol when five-year-old Mikadyn Hennessee complained her arm hurt.

But her mother claims her cries for help were ignored.

"I start crying immediately," Sommer Hennessee says. "It upsets me. I can't believe that somebody has let my child sit there for four hours with two broken bones, and I was never notified."

Sommer Hennessee describes what went through her head when she says her daughter came home from school with a broken arm last month.

"The story I was told was she fell off the monkey bars," Hennessee says. "She was taken to the nurse. The nurse checked her, said she was fine, gave her ice and sent her back to class."

Woodstation's principal, Ernie Ellis, says his staff followed school protocol.

"They got seen by the school nurse, the student did," Ellis says. "The school nurse is a trained professional. She said the student had a good range of motion."

The school nurse notes in her report that Mikadyn had a small red spot on her arm and very mild swelling. She also notes a good range of motion.

Principal Ellis says Mikadyn's teacher didn't notice anything wrong with her during class.

Her mother says the girl's injuries were obvious when she arrived home hours later.

"When she got home, I asked her to circle her hand," Hennessee says. "She could not do that, so we went to the doctor, and the doctor suggested that we go to the hospital."

According to school policy, a nurse decides if a child's condition warrants a call home.

Sommer says parents should get a call no matter what.

"I just don't want this to ever happen to another child again," Hennessee says. "I can't imagine what she felt like for four hours of her life, wanting her mama and hurting like that."

Principal Ellis tells Channel 3, Sommer Hennessee never complained about this matter to him.

However, she did speak to the assistant principal the day after the injury. We're told the assistant principal felt the matter was resolved.