CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - All this rain is keeping road crews busy. Water still covers several roads throughout Hamilton County. Trees and power lines cover some too.  

"I was asleep and I heard something like somebody was trying to break into the house, going clack, clack, pow, pow," Lyerly Street resident William Jennings said.

But Jennings quickly learned it wasn't a burglar coming after his house, rather a big tree.

"I looked up and I seen fire coming from the transformer, and I came out and the tree fell across the street onto that house," Jennings said.

He's relieved it missed his house, that no one in the group home it did hit was injured, and that crews are acting quickly to remove it.

The Lyerly Street tree is one of more than a dozen the rain has taken down over the last few days.

"Anytime we start having this much rain as we've had this year, the ground gets soft and then you add the extra weight of the water on the trees and the leaves on the trees. Anything with a significant lean or shallow roots or problem with roots, are susceptible to falling," Chattanooga Public Works Supervisor Jerry Mauldin said.

Trees aren't the only things the excessive rain is overpowering. The weather caused a massive rock slide on Mowbray Pike in Soddy Daisy. County crews kept the road closed all day as workers chipped away, trying to get the pieces small enough to haul away.

And, of course, flooding has been an issue across the Valley.

"It's just the ground is nothing but water and it's just going to run off somewhere," Mauldin said.

The common warning is worth repeating-- turn around, don't drown. It doesn't take much to float your car.  

"Just pay attention to the rising water and don't get stranded," Mauldin said.

Public Works says they're working as quickly as possible to re-open the roads one by one. Jennings says it's an inconvenience, but is used to living in the Tennessee Valley, where you never know what weather conditions we'll experience next.

"It's liquid sunshine," Jennings said.

Officials say be sure to report any downed trees in your area, but they are being overloaded with calls, so they ask for your patience.