BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Bradley County Sheriff's deputies rescued a 13-year-old boy from a rain swollen creek Sunday.

Officials say the boy wandered into the creek, in the area of Tennessee Nursery Road and Old Harrison Pike, not realizing the depth or strength of the current.

Patrol Sgt. Jerry Rogers had barricaded the area earlier in the day due to approximately 150 yards of swift running water covering the roadway.

He returned around 12:30 to recheck the road and saw the boy, on roller skates, approaching from the opposite side of the creek.

The boy attempted to cross the road. He got into waste deep water at which point the current pushed him off the roadway and into some trees.

"I yelled at him not to try and cross the road. He either did not hear me or chose to ignore me," says Rogers. "When he got into waist deep water, the current pushed him off the roadway and into some trees.  I yelled for him to hang on to the trees and not try to move further."

Rogers called for assistance. The boy was hanging on to a tree when Deputy Sam Long arrived.

The deputies say the strong current and the fact that the boy was wearing skates prevented him from standing up.

The deputies say they did not have time to wait for water rescue. They entered the water from either side. Long reached the boy first, and the two were able to pull him to safety.

The boy told the deputies he did not hear Rogers calling out to him, and his mother told them she did not know how deep and swift the creek was when she gave him permission to go to the store.