CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Camp Jordan is one of the first areas to flood when heavy rain moves in.

This weekend's wet weather couldn't come at a worse time for the park, which is hosting several big events.

Among them a regional soccer tournament that brought thousands of people to town.

One look at the sky and you don't have to be a meteorologist to know something is brewing.

"One-hundred percent chance of rain all weekend," Kim Christian says.

Kim Christian checked the forecast before leaving Knoxville.

Her kids are playing in the Scenic City Cup, which brings 115 teams to East Ridge.

It's one of dozens of events going on in the area this weekend, filling hotel rooms from Chattanooga to the Georgia line.

"Yeah, it took us about three days to find one," says Christian.

"Fifty to 75 percent of them are from out of town," Marvin "Stump" Martin says. "They've really filled the motels. In fact, we had two teams from baseball that canceled, because they couldn't find motel rooms, because there are so many events going on in and around East Ridge and in and around Chattanooga this weekend."

Parks and recreation director Stump Martin says this weekend's soccer tournament has been in the works since October.

It's the first time all of Chattanooga's soccer clubs have come together to host a tournament.

"Dog gone it, if we can just get this weather to cooperate we can play," says Martin.

Martin says if the weather makes it dangerous for players, or causes significant damage to the fields, he'll have to cancel.

But he's hoping Mother Nature will show mercy.

He wants a winner to be crowned.

"Hopefully all of these will go home with somebody and not with me," says Martin, holding both championship trophies in his hands.

Kim Christian is hoping one of those trophies goes home with her kids even if it means a wet weekend ahead.

"We packed a lot of rain gear and we have huge umbrellas," says Christian.

Camp Jordan has already cancelled or rescheduled several other events planned for this weekend.

Click here for a full list.

Martin says the event shuffle doesn't cost the park any major dollars, but it can come as a financial hardship to the groups hosting the events.