Sneezing and wheezing, that sound has become all to common around the Tennessee Valley this time of year. Warmer temperatures have led to earlier springs and longer allergy seasons, making life miserable for those who suffer from allergies.


The good news is that natural allergy relief is within an arm's reach of your refrigerator. Foods high in antioxidants may help reduce the inflammation associated with allergic reactions.


I sat down with food coach and registered dietitian, Pamela Kelle.


Pamela Kelle, Chattanooga Food Coach says "So we think of what could we eat during this season that would help stop the inflammatory or be anti-inflammatory."


Pick up some fruit. We've heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well now research shows they also help fight those spring allergies.


Pamela Kelle says "The property in the skin of the apple helps the body stop the histamines from causing inflammation factors."

Anything that is high in vitamin C is also a smart choice.

Pamela Kelle says "That's going to be a lot of our fruit, blueberries, strawberries, things that have a lot of color, the brightest ones to help."

And don't forget to grab plenty of those leafy green vegetables.

Pamela Kelle says "The dark leafy greens are also anti inflammatory when they have allergies."

Some foods you might want to avoid.

Pamela Kelle says "Interestingly enough, bananas seem to cause problems with people when they have allergies. Celery tends to cause problems with food allergies and again that's in the grass category. Believe it or not, red pepper can cause inflammation with people if they are sensitive to certain kinds of ragweed."

Still not sure which foods are making your allergies worse.

Pamela Kelle says "I would encourage the viewer to keep a good diary for a couple of days and note when their allergies seem to be worse."

As always the best way to manage allergies is to work with your doctor to make sure you are on the best treatments to keep you from sneezing and wheezing.


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