RAMHURST, GA (WRCB) -- The water is once again safe to drink in Murray County, Georgia.

The Chatsworth Water Works Commission has lifted the "do not drink" advisory issued in the Ramhurst area.

There are no longer any restrictions on water use or consumption.

Officials issued the ban after someone broke into the Ramhurst facility over the weekend and altered the chemical settings.

Officials say someone tampered with the chlorine and fluoride settings at the Carter's Lake Water Treatment Plant. The water treatment plant in Ramhurst was temporarily shut down

More than 400 residents were issued a do not drink advisory. Around a dozen had no water at all.

"When you're dealing with the public water supply, it's more than just a prank," Chatsworth Water Works General Manager Steve Smith said.

Officials gathered samples and sent them for testing.

The sheriff's office, the FBI, and GBI are investigating.


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