CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- There were tense moments Wednesday morning after an argument led to an assault, that resulted in a SWAT standoff.

Police surrounded a home on Howell Avenue just after 5:30 in the morning. The situation escalated once officers found out the suspects inside were armed with handguns.

One neighbor says things were tense as officers surrounded the house, armed with large guns. She says it is even more disturbing it all took place just blocks away from a school.

In the wee hours of the morning, a large commotion from next door jarred Carolyn Jenkins out of bed.

"Their alarm went off on one of their vehicles and that woke me up," says Jenkins. "I heard some argument. I don't know what it was about."

Chattanooga Police swarmed around a house on Howell Avenue, after a man and woman called police saying two men attacked them.

"There were two victims, a male and female, both adults. And they knew the suspects, they had them over at the residence with them and they got into a fight," says Officer Nathan Hartwig with Chattanooga Police.

Once police arrived, a standoff, as the two men refused to come out of the house. At least one of them had a gun.

"We thought somebody was trying to escape out of that window, one of those windows over there, that middle window," says Jenkins.

Jenkins has lived on the street for about a year and says it is not the first time police have been called to the house.

"It's very scary living next door to something like that. And I know they're into something they shouldn't be because there's too many cars that come and go over here," says Jenkins.

After almost four hours, two men were handcuffed and placed in the back of squad cars. the men have been identified as Tyler Bruce and Joshua White.

"My fiance and I are both ex-cops, so we know how to use a gun if we need to. But I just don't like living next to somebody like that. It's dangerous," says Jenkins.

She says another major concern is the fact it all happened within blocks of Woodmore Elementary School.

"The school is what, two blocks down there? And if my child went to that school, I'd be very afraid of that. I mean, I would be really concerned."

Police say at no time, were any of the students in danger. But the morning's events were a breaking point for Jenkins. She and her family say they are moving out.

"I just don't feel safe here, even with guns in the house and knowing how to use them. I don't feel safe," she says.

Bruce and White were charged with aggravated assault and felon in possession of a handgun.

We are told the two assault victims are expected to be ok.


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