WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB)  --  Channel 3 visited the Wallaceville community in Walker County one year after area residents contacted Channel 3 after years of fighting an uphill battle to clean up the area.

Walburn Fields owns and runs a pallet business, but the community says it's an eye soar.  

"We is a business and all the time a business don't look beautiful," Fields said then.

On Wednesday he had no comment. He's due in court on Saturday, charged with violating a county ordinance. It's a misdemeanor charge and not his first one. Field's has been charged a handful of times over the last several years. However, a state court judge dismissed those charges last November.

"Well, ya know when you got money you can, money talks," says resident, Willie McDaniel. 

McDaniel has lived in the community for 20 years.

"When we first moved over here it wasn't quite as cluttered as it is now," McDaniel says.

Over the past several years he says the community has confronted Fields about his pallets. They even signed a petition.

"They took it to the county, and the county spoke to him about it. As you see its still the same," McDaniel explains.

"I know that's his business but at least he can move it back some," resident Sytira Porter says.

Porter says the pallets pose a threat to drivers who cannot see around them as they turn onto County Road 341.

"I've al most got hit several times," she says.

Its clear this community wants action but how to get it may be another uphill battle. As of Wednesday evening our calls to Fields' attorney were not returned.


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