CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The original lawsuit for a man beaten by Chattanooga Police officers has been amended to include 26 other police officers.

Channel 3 first showed you video taken from the Chattanooga Salvation Army's federal residential reentry center last June. It shows Adam Tatum being struck with batons dozens of times by Chattanooga Police Officers.

Tatum is now suing former officers Adam Cooley and Sean Emmer, the police department, the City of Chattanooga, Erlanger hospital, and 26 additional police officers.

The amended suit claims Tatum's first, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth and fourteenth amendments were violated. It goes on to say the officers and the city of Chattanooga made an unreasonable seizure of the plaintiff, subjected him to cruel and unusual punishment, deprived him of his right to counsel during questioning, unlawfully interrogated him without Due Process, failed to protect him, failed to report the attack to higher authorities and the officers attempted to prevent him from seeking to petition the government.

The suit claims two of the newly named officers, Mike Wegner and Joseph Neighbors, created false police reports.

Officers Emmer and Cooley were fired over the incident and are currently petitioning to get their jobs back.

Tatum pleaded guilty in March to one charge of assault. The state dropped an aggravated assault charge which Tatum's attorney says makes their case stronger.

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